Thursday 21 February 2019

A Discovering Diamonds review of Love’s Embrace Heidi Peltier

"A typical romance which should be enjoyed by lovers of the genre."


"Trouble comes to Love's Embrace, Texas in 1883, in the form of barbed wire...and a feisty girl named Hattie. Hattie Sommerville’s father sent her off to Boston nine years ago to learn how to be a lady. Now, she wants to go back home where she belongs, and maybe, after all this time, her old childhood playmate, Simon, might finally see her as more than a friend. She only hopes nobody discovers the secret that sent her running home.  Simon Caldwell lost both parents at a young age and has poured every ounce of his heart and energy into making his Texas ranch a success. Now, an unexpected nemesis in the shape of barbed wire threatens his home and his livelihood. He can’t afford to be distracted if he wants any hope of hanging on to everything he’s worked so hard for, but his old friend Hattie is back in town, turning his head and addling his mind. If he thinks the barbed wire is bad, he has no idea just how much trouble she brought along with her from Boston."

A typical romance which should be enjoyed by lovers of the genre. It has all the required elements: a feisty heroine a bewildered hero who is torn between what he ought to be doing (seeing to the everyday nitty-gritty of life) and what he wants to be doing (seeing to the call of his heart and that feisty heroine!) 

I found it enjoyable to read a romance that was a little different from the usual run-of-the-mill plot - and to immerse myself into life in Texas in the 1800s. 

The author does a good job of blending the believability of the characters with the unfolding drama and the mystery of the mystery.

© Mary Chapple

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  1. I don't often read stories set in this time, but I really enjoyed this one. I'd never heard of the barbed wire problem before, but apparently it was a real issue back then.

    1. Thank you Loretta - my husband is always watching westerns so the fencing in with barbed wire is familiar to me, it's used over here in the UK for fencing as well and is a menace as many animals get horribly injured by it if they get tangled up.

    2. Horrible stuff. And I don't suppose it keeps vandals out as they can just cover it.
      I could hardly credit they actually spread it across roads, too.

    3. I'm glad you liked it, Loretta! It was a short-lived "war" but it did cause some serious problems for some people.

  2. Thank you to Mary Chapple for the wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun researching and writing this book, and yes, that barbed wire can be a menace! And thanks to Helen Hollick for including me here. I'm very excited and honored!


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