Saturday, 19 January 2019

Ever thought of...

...saying 'thank you' to the authors who have written the books you enjoy reading?

Here at Discovering Diamonds we have recently passed the 250,000 - that's 1/4 of a million - page views. Not bad considering we only 'opened for business' on January 1st 2017!

Our 'success', I think, is because we give honest reviews for books that are 'a good read' (including constructive criticism where appropriate). And also because we openly support indie writers who produce cracking good books!

None of this, however, would be possible without our amazing, supportive and enthusiastic review team, who despite being ultra-busy people help with the admin or reviewing the books as they come in.

Several of our reviewers are authors, so may I encourage you to say a huge 'thank you' to them by taking a moment to leave a comment or two for their books on Amazon? (If you've read them, of course - if you haven't, the all come highly recommended!) 

These are our reviewer authors: (with links to Amazon)

Alison Morton
Anna Belfrage
(in the hat) ... Helen Hollick
Annie Whitehead
J G Harlond
Jeffrey K. Walker
J J Toner
Jen Black
Lorraine Swoboda
Richard Abbott
Susan Appleyard
Richard Dee
thank you also to  our 'non authors' : Nicky Galliers, Louise Adam, Kristen McQuinn, Richard Tearle, Cindy Vallor, Cathy Smith, Jessica Brown, Mary Chapple, Ellen Hill, Jeffrey Manton, Anne Holt, and graphic designers Cathy Helms and Tamian Wood!


  1. Thank you, Helen. A remarkable milestone and lovely to be highlighted as authors as well as reviewers.

  2. Thank you, Helen. This is much appreciated.

  3. As many page views as miles to the Moon! I'd say that's impressive indeed - and in judt two years too! A big shout out for our author reviewers too - it must sometimes be disorientating to be writing about one century and reading about another (like patting your head and rubbing yourt stomach at the same time!). Thank you all for your input and the additional credibility you bring to this wonderful site ...

  4. Fantastic milestone! And very nice company to be in. Thank you, Helen, for always looking for new ways to make good books and authors visible!

  5. Couldn't do it without the fantastic #DDRevs team!

  6. I can certainly testify to the effectiveness of the DD approach. As an indie author I have found their reviews of my books invaluable, and the belief and support of the reviewers have been instrumental in convincing me to keep going in some dark writing days! I cannot tell you now much comfort and encouragement I have derived from knowing that people who really know their stuff (i.e. the DD team) have said that my books are worth reading. Thank you all.


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