Monday, 5 November 2018

A Discovering Diamonds review of The Promise of Tomorrow by AnneMarie Brear

Family drama

Charlotte Brookes and her sister Hannah, recently losing their last living relative, and disliking their “guardian” Vernon McBride, have taken to the roads. How they survived a year, without either money or a home, is left to the readers’ imagination and the tale begins with them stumbling upon a kind, childless couple who take them in on the understanding they will work in their shop.

Older sisters caring for younger siblings may have been common in days gone by, and I have read other stories by Brear with this theme; they are always well written. Details are authentic, the characters well portrayed and the author deserves her following. The setting for this tale is immediately prior to the First World War, and there is much scope for men to be heroes and women to take on tasks they would ordinarily never have considered.

To divulge more of the plot would be unfair. Suffice it to say that apart from an occasional Americanism “gotten” slipping into the writing, the style is good and appropriate for the time.

© Jen Black

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