Wednesday 10 October 2018

Medieval to Modern: An Anthology of Historical Mystery Stories by Sarah Woodbury, Anna Castle, Libi Astaire, Mary Louisa Locke, M. Ruth Myers.

Mystery / Short stories 
Various periods and locations

Seven short stories and a novella from five supremely accomplished historical fiction authors. The first story is a delightful early Gwen and Gareth mystery from Sarah Woodbury, but without Gareth; Anna Castle presents two masterful stories, the first from her Francis Bacon series, the second from her Professor Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes series; Libi Astaire’s fine story is set in the Jewish community of Regency London; Mary Louisa Locke gives us two carefully-crafted mysteries set amongst the lower orders in Victorian San Francisco, and the final two short stories are from M. Ruth Myers’ wonderful noir female gumshoe, Maggie Sullivan.

The book is a perfect taster of each author’s work. I was familiar with four of the five before I found this book. They are all fine writers. The one that was new to me was Libi Astaire, as confident and relaxed a writer as I have come across.

A good read and an excellent springboard to these authors other publications.

© JJ Toner

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