Thursday 13 September 2018

Olympus Nights on the Square: by Vanda

A #DDRevs Diamond Read

Book 2 (Juliana Series)

Fictional Saga / LGBT
New York

The second in the Juliana Series begins with the end of World War II and follows our group of gay and lesbian characters through the eyes of Alice, or Al, a woman in love with the elusive Juliana.

In this volume the main location is a musical theatre in New York that attracts a largely gay audience. We get a chance to watch the skilful tightrope act of convicted ‘sexual psychopath’ Max and his female ‘assistant/manager’ Al running a club and surviving in a society which discriminates against their kind in more than just legal terms.

Having read the first book in the series I’ve already become invested in the characters, all of whom illustrate and personalise a different facet and experience of the times. The plot, the writing and character development are excellent. I enjoyed following the saga and I learned a lot of the subtle ways of discrimination and perseverance.

This is a great series of historical and literary value.

© Christoph Fischer

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