Friday 10 August 2018

The Order of the White Boar Alex Marchant


Young Adult
1400s Richard III

This delightful novel is aimed at younger readers but that should not put off older readers. It is an easy read but worthwhile.

Matthew joins the household of Richard, Duke of Gloucester after he was forced to leave his home of York following an altercation with another boy that spiralled out of control. Lonely and the target of an older boy’s bullying, Matt is not enjoying his new life, but meeting Roger changes that and he soon discovers a new circle of friends. A closeness to Ed, son of the Duke, leads to him coming to the attention of the Duke and a raising not just of his status but his spirits too.

This little novel continues the unrelenting march of the rehabilitation of Richard III, showing Richard in a flattering, positive golden glow. This Richard is kind, caring, firm and understanding of the way of the world. He’s gentle and uncomplaining. He’s possibly too good to be true but for all that, he is a rather attractive character and one can't help but like him. The author has drawn his version rather than relying on Aneurin Barnard and his now seminal portrayal in The White Queen, and this is certainly something in Marchant’s favour. How he approaches the more uncompromising traits of Richard as he rises to power is going to be fascinating. There are more books to come and I shall certainly be reading them.

© Nicky Galliers
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