Friday, 24 August 2018

A Discovering Diamonds review of Shanghai Story by Alexa Kang

Book One of a series

Fictional Saga/ Mystery
Shanghai / China

Set in Shanghai of 1936 this is as much an informative and well-researched historical novel as it is an intriguing murder mystery. We follow two characters mainly: Clark, who has just returned from studying in the US, and Eden who is a Jewish refugee from Berlin and stateless by law. Her father, a doctor, successfully treated Clark’s father. Despite a mutual attraction between Clark and Eden, circumstances are complicated and stand in their way. Eden starts work for a newspaper and when a friend is brutally murdered she takes on the police force to find out the truth, with help from Clark and his connections.

The novel took a while to get going with the setting up of the characters and their background, but I enjoyed the urgency of the second half, once the murder mystery fully took over and the other elements come together. I’ve learned a lot of details along the way and look forward to the next parts in the series.

© Christoph Fischer

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