Tuesday 21 August 2018

A Discovering Diamonds review of The Snow Foresters by David Phelps


Twenty short stories based on 'true' folk tales in the area of Herefordshire, England. Mostly of ghosts, the tales range in timespan from medieval to present day adaptations of old stories. We have friendly ghosts, unfriendly ghosts, vengeful  ghosts, tales of love and fateful elopements, hauntings by or to both rich and poor. Some of them have a little update at the end in the 'those who have a romantic disposition or a hankering for danger are welcome to visit it (the church)' sort of thing.

It is a highly commendable attempt by the author to keep these old stories alive in a form that can be read by young and old alike and will certainly be of interest to residents or visitors to Herefordshire, yet beyond that I worry about the audience that a book of this sort might reach. It certainly wouldn't be out of place in local libraries or available for sale in Information Centres. The cover is, to be honest, rather dull in that the author's name is barely visible. A shame; authors should be applauded for their work, not hidden away.

All in all, a decent compilation.

© Richard Tearle

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