12 July 2018

The Prussian Dispatch by David Neilson

AMAZON US $1.34  

Sophie Rathenau’s Vienna Mysteries Volume 1 


A very enjoyable mystery story in the historically fascinating setting of Vienna in 1772. Dealing with a client who will only reveal a minimum of information, Sophie Graephin von Rathenau, private investigator, has her hands full finding a missing, secret document. The content of said document and its historical consequences becomes gradually clearer as her quest takes her through brothels and International diplomatic circles.

Sophie is a feisty and resourceful investigator whose dire personal circumstances are only one part of her drive to find the truth. Tension is built up nicely, the characters and the story are very engaging. Historical facts and details are not overdone but add nicely to the flair and intensity of the novel. A protagonist I look forward to reading more of, which, given the open nature of the ending, we surely will do.

Definitely recommended.

© Christoph Fischer

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  1. Excellent series--I highly recommend all the books in the series so far! I understand another book is being added soon...

  2. I can add my recommendation to this extraordinary series - the second book, Lay Brothers, is as engrossing as the first and there is a third book coming soon. Sophie is a complex and fascinating character, in a period of history that is full of intrigue and machinations at all levels. The characters surrounding her are just as deeply drawn and a joy to discover. Plotting is very tight, woven with history and often exquisite details, immersing this reader into the world without effort. I'm looking forward to getting book 3, the moment it comes out.


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