31 July 2018

Book and Cover of the Month - JULY

designer Cathy Helms of www.avalongraphics.org
with fellow designer Tamian Wood of www.beyonddesigninternational.com
will select the Cover of the Month
with all winners going forward for Cover of the Year in December 2018
(and honourable mentions going forward for Honourable Mention Runner-up)
Note: where UK and US covers differ only one version will be selected

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From our JULY reviews
(selected at the end of the month)

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Published by 
Courante Publishing
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Published by Matador
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Published by The Funny Book Company


My Runner up choice is...

I love Ms Harlond's descriptive writing

And my selected Book of the Month is...
This debut novel needed some editing - but the author has realised her 'errors', and despite the novice 'bloopers' I thoroughly enjoyed this novel - an author to watch I think!

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  1. Thank you for choosing A Turning Wind, and congratulations to Angela Macrae Shanks - a super first novel. I'm looking forward to reading her next one now.

  2. Thank you so much for choosing The Blood And The Barley, I can still hardly believe it. I feel deeply honoured, and thank you to J.G. Harlond for the lovely supportive review.

  3. Our pleasure - congratulations to you both!


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