Friday 25 May 2018

Circumstantial Enemy by John Bell

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Mystery / Thriller
Croatia/ Germany / Italy /USA

“When Croatia becomes a Nazi puppet state, carefree young pilot Tony Babic finds himself forcibly aligned with Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Unbeknownst to Tony, his sweetheart Katarina and best friend Goran have taken the side of the opposing communist partisans. The threesome are soon to discover that love and friendship will not circumvent this war’s ideals. Downed by the Allies in the Adriatic Sea, Tony survives a harrowing convalescence in deplorable Italian hospitals and North African detention stockades. His next destination is Camp Graham in Illinois, one of four hundred prisoner of war camps on American soil. But with the demise of the Third Reich, repatriation presents a new challenge. What kind of life awaits Tony under communist rule? Will he be persecuted as an enemy of the state for taking the side of Hitler? And then there is Katarina; in letters she confesses her love, but not her deceit… Does her heart still belong to him?”

Circumstantial Enemy is a classic war drama of the “caught-between-the-devil-and-the-blue-sea”-type: political convictions, ideology, love and loyalty bringing heartache and forcing inner turmoil.

Twenty-year-old Tony Babic already has two years’ experience as a pilot under his belt. After previously fighting the Nazis under Serbian command, in 1941 Croatia becomes an independent state under Germany’s influence and Tony is interviewed to join the Croatian air force and fight against the Communist thread.

His training takes place in Germany, subsequent hospitalisation in Italy and eventual imprisonment in Illinois. All the while he corresponds with the woman who owns his heart: Katarina, whose political convictions are strongly against the Nazis.

The book offers plenty of perspective and reflection on choices, options and the course of history. Knowing that this is based on true events makes the story more poignant. An interesting insight into lesser known parts of WW II history and a very enjoyable read.

© Christoph Fischer

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