Thursday 29 March 2018

The Malice of Angels by Wendy Percival

an Esme Quentin Mystery

The Malice of Angels: Esme Quentin Mystery

Amazon UK £2.99
Amazon US $4.13
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Thriller/Crime/ Fictional Saga/ Genealogy 
20th century / contemporary

"Esme Quentin is reminded of a painful past when Max Rainsford, a journalist colleague of her late husband Tim, turns up unannounced asking about a story Tim reported on thirty-five years ago – the murder of an old soldier. Esme, wary of Max’s motives, declines to get involved.
Meanwhile, Esme’s friend Ruth, prompted by WWII anniversaries, wants to solve the mystery of Vivienne, her mother Bea’s sister, a wartime nurse who never came home. Despite Bea’s disapproval, Ruth is convinced the truth will finally help Bea come to terms with her loss and asks Esme to investigate.
Esme unpicks the threads of Vivienne’s past and stumbles upon a disturbing connection, linking the old soldier’s murder to her own distressing past and her late husband’s fate. As events unravel, Esme realises that to uncover the secrets behind Vivienne’s story, she must also confront the terrifying truth behind her own."

Having moved to Devon, where she has fond memories from childhood, and to be near her friend, Ruth, Esme agrees, albeit somewhat reluctantly, to work with Tim, a journalist and a friend of her late husband's. She also helps Ruth solve a mystery left over from WWII surrounding her aunt - both situations which quickly escalate into more than what they originally seem.

Although a series, there is no need to particularly worry about in which order to read them, although like all good things to start at the beginning is a very good place to start

I am thoroughly enjoying Ms Percival's well-written and enjoyable series. They are not too deep or involved, but are light and relaxing to read, with subtle red-herrings and intriguing plots. All backed up by very believable characters and immaculate research. The added bonus of a connection to genealogy and tracing the mysteries of Family Trees lends another dimension to the series - personally I think Esme would make a superb TV drama character.

Keep writing Ms Percival, I eagerly look forward to Esme's next adventure!

© Anne Holt

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  1. Lovely review, Anne, and though I haven't read this one, I reviewed Wendy's first two in the series here and came to the same conclusion regarding what a great TV series they would make! It is also heartening that two reviewers agree on so many points totally independently!! Well done, "Wendy - looks like you have another winner!

  2. Thank you Anne, for such a lovely review! And to you too, Richard, for your enthusiastic endorsement. I'm so pleased Esme's "ticked the boxes" once again!


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