Saturday, 31 March 2018

March Cover and Book of the Month Selections

designer Cathy Helms of
with fellow designer Tamian Wood of
will select the Cover of the Month
with all winners going forward for Cover of the Year in December 2018
(and honourable mentions going forward for Honourable Mention Runner-up)
Note: where UK and US covers differ only one version will be selected

* * *
Novels Reviewed During MARCH
(selected at the end of the month)


HarperCollins publisher/designer


read the review HERE 


I am starting to  wonder why I decided to do this 'Book of the Month' selection because Discovering Diamonds are receiving so many interesting novels now, it is becoming harder and harder to select those few I want to read (and have time to  read.) 

My personal runner-up choice for this month is Joan Druett's The Money Ship. I have the boxed set and enjoyed this nautical series very much for the nautical accuracy in particular.

Read our review HERE
Ruth Downie's latest Medicus Murder Mystery came a very close second because this series is such fun and so absorbing to read.

Read our review HERE
For my Book of the Month, however, I agree with our reviewer, Elizabeth St John ... this probably is one of the best WWI stories I have ever read!

Read our review HERE

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