Wednesday 7 March 2018

A Discovering Diamonds review of An Orphan In The Snow by Molly Green

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Romance / Family Drama

This is a lovely, cosy read, and is most suitable for a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of a roaring fire, glass of wine, or pot of tea and pack of digestives to hand… It has all the elements of an entertaining but light read: an orphan, a dog and a loving couple – plus the expected ‘baddy’ who flaunts a position of power and a dragon of a matron...

June Lavender heads for Liverpool to become a helper at Dr Barnardo’s home for orphans, but arriving there becomes emotionally upset by the sad plight of one of the children, Lizzie, who is forced to live alone in a secluded room. She has been traumatised by the bombing and does not speak. June is determined to help the little girl, despite the harshness of Matron’s apparent unfeeling, uncaring nature.

Love interest for June comes via Flight Lieutenant Murray Andrews, but this is Liverpool at the height of the War…

This is a romance, and will appeal to romance readers. Personally, I would have liked included with the ups-and-downs of the relationships and different personalities a little more of the historical setting: the detail of the hardships of every-day life that is inflicted by war, a feel for the location and local people what they ate or wore, how they talked, how war was affecting them etc, much detail of which was overlooked. But this is not that type of novel, so fair enough. The story is beautifully written and the characters are very believable, you want to cuddle Lizzie and encourage June, to cheer for them all, well, most of them!

A  thoroughly heart-warming story for lovers of heartwarming stories.

© Mary Chappell 

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