Monday 12 February 2018

The Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame by Joanna Kafarowski

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non-fiction Biography

It takes a very special kind of writer who can capture the feelings and emotions of literature and turn it into biography. Joanna Kafarowski brings her unique talent to The Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame, and in doing so transports us into the fascinating world of heiress Louise Arner Boyd, Polar Explorer and adventuress.

This meticulously researched and beautifully written account takes us back to the early part of the twentieth century – extraordinary times when Karen Blixen was traveling Africa with a similar passion and verve, and women were staking their own claim upon travel exploration. Ms Kafarowski’s authoritative style moves us along at a great pace, full of detail but never pedantic, and as a result, brings us alongside the expeditions with a photographic clarity similar to Ms Boyd’s own creations.

Although biographical non-fiction, I was reminded of another of my favorite reads – Nancy Horan’s Under a Wide and Starry Sky for its interesting perspectives on the characters. Ms Kafarowski is an excellent curator of a fascinating character, and I would highly recommend this book to any armchair traveler.

© Elizabeth St John

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  1. Many thanks for this wonderful review of my biography of Arctic explorer Louise Arner Boyd. I was honoured to write the first comprehensive review of this remarkable woman. It took me ten years of research and writing- and even now after all this time, her accomplishments and courage still fill me with awe!


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