Wednesday 31 January 2018

January Cover and Book of the Month

designer Cathy Helms of
with fellow designer Tamian Wood of
will select the Cover of the Month
with all winners going forward for Cover of the Year in December 2018
(and honourable mentions going forward for Honourable Mention Runner-up)

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Novels Reviewed During January
(selected at the end of the month)

Winning Cover Design by Bespoke Book Covers
Read our review HERE

Runner Up - cover designer unknown
read our review HERE
Runner Up - cover designed by TCK Publishing
Read our review HERE
Runner Up - cover design by
Historical Fiction Book Covers
read our review HERE


Now that we are receiving a substantial amount of novels to review I am finding my reading list also extending (which is a good thing!) I've had some delightful books to select my Book of the Month from - some sad, (the one about Charles Dickens' wife Catherine Dickens : Outside the Magic Circle by Heera Deeta as example. I confess I have never liked Dickens, the man or his works, maybe this is the reason why?) 

Others were exciting or intriguing - all were page-turners but I am obliged to select a 'winner' - except from this month I am also going to have a 'runner-up'.

So my runner-up because it made me laugh out loud :

Read the Review
and the Winner of Book of the Month 

... because I enjoy novels about the 17th Century - and Mr Pepys, and this one was very good...

Read the review
< For a list of shortlisted titles for January see the sidebar (you might have to scroll down) 

Congratulations all round!


  1. Replies
    1. It’s a great cover Mary Anne

    2. It is our pleasure! Excellent design - expert skill obviously went into the layout. Thank you for submitting your book!

  2. Oh that's lovely! Thank you very much. Lovely book covers too!


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