7 January 2018

Fancy Writing an Article for Us?

Discovering Diamonds has two major aims: to promote good historical fiction for readers who enjoy the genre (and all the sub-genres) and to promote and assist good writers to get noticed - especially the indie authors, but lesser-known traditional authors as well. Marketing sells books, and not all publishing houses do as much useful marketing as they should or could - it is up to us, as authors and readers, to spread the word about good books worth reading. To do so about your own book is often not easy (and actually, can be counter-productive). Banging on about 'read my book', 'buy my book' on Facebook, Twitter or the Blogs etc is the quickest way to not get sales, let alone mild interest!

Discovering Diamonds welcomes submissions for possible review for historical fiction - we do not guarantee a review as space and reader-time is limited, but another way I would like to help 'get authors noticed' is by posting articles in our 'Mid-Month Extra' slot (posted, from January 2018 on the 15th of every month)

This is an opportunity for new, established or aspiring authors to add another opening to their writer's CV. To get noticed you need to have something to be noticed, and to have interesting articles posted on respected blogs is a good opportunity to shout out about yourself and your work - without being too obvious about it!

What we are looking for

Send us your articles - anything, as long as it is interesting and is something to do with reading or writing historical fiction. 

Here are the guidelines:
  • Your article must be between 500 - 1250 words (excluding a bio, book blurb and any links)
  • It must have something to do with historical fiction not an article about factual history (i.e 'Why I'm not keen on Jane Austen,' but not, 'Jane Austen's life and work.') However, things like  'should facts be facts in fiction?' is an acceptable topic.
  • Images can be included but please ensure they are copyright free and send as jpeg or gif please
  • Articles can be about historical fiction in general, your likes/dislikes in historical fiction, authors you admire (and why), how you got started as a writer, why you want to be a writer, the joy (or otherwise) of being an indie/traditional author, does fantasy count as historical fiction, does Alternative have a place in historical fiction? Are reviews worthwhile, kindle v real books ... in other words, any topic you like... but...
  • For authors, articles can include information about your book/books at the end of the article (brief blurb and links to Amazon, website etc)  but the 'buy my book because it's good' type article will not be accepted.
  • You do not have to have had your book reviewed by Discovering Diamonds (although that would be a plus for you!)
  • Include a brief (100 word max) biography and a photo of yourself (if you wish - not compulsory!) 
  • Depending on what, and how many I receive will depend on what is published on Discovering Diamonds or not. (If I receive enough enthusiasm I might also publish articles on my own personal blog)
  • All articles posted will be tweeted and added to Facebook etc.
  • Editing is your responsibility - what I get I post. Poor editing will only show as poor writing, so its up to you to get it right. 
  • Basically - you send it, I read it, if its OK I'll post it on a future Mid-Month Extra.
  • If I get enough articles I will extend the Mid-Month Extra slot to the 15th and 16th
So get writing!

email me  here ( author [AT] helenhollick [DOT] net ) for further information - or just submit an article for me to consider.

Helen Hollick

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