Wednesday 24 January 2018

Brotherly Love by Lorna Peel

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Family Drama / Romance

‘Ireland, 1835. Faction fighting has left the parish of Doon divided between the followers of the Bradys and the Donnellans. Caitriona Brady is the widow of John, the Brady champion, killed two years ago. Matched with John aged eighteen, Caitriona didn't love him and can't mourn him. Now John's mother is dead, too, and Caitriona is free to marry again. Michael Warner is handsome, loves her, and he hasn't allied himself with either faction. But what secret is he keeping from her? Is he too good to be true?’

An excellent book depicting village life and morals in the Ireland of 1835.

Caitriona lost her husband two years ago. It was a loveless marriage, so her grief is for show for the villagers who adored her late husband. With the death of her oppressive mother-in-law the chances of self-determination are improving. The family of her late husband are still fighting with the Donnellan family but maybe, with the arrival of the attractive and single Michael, who seems to be neutral in this quarrel, Caitriona may finally become free; were it not for many other complications.

Peel depicts the psychology of village quarrels, peer and family pressure really well and shows the complexity of conflicts this brings for people caught up in them.

While focused on the romance part of the story, the book is well researched and adds plenty of authentic detail and historical scene setting. 

It’s easy to identify with our heroine and feel transported to the time and place.

Great characters, solid writing credits and a very enjoyable book.

© Christoph Fischer


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  1. Thank you, Christoph, for your wonderful review of Brotherly Love. I'm delighted you enjoyed it!


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