Thursday 2 November 2017

The Indelible Stain by Wendy Percival

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Shortlisted for Book of the Month

Family Drama / Family History / mystery
18th/19th Century / Present Day
England / Australia

In the second of Wendy Percival's series about a freelance family history researcher, Esme Quentin finds herself staying with a friend on the north Devon coast and immediately is involved in a new mystery. Walking along the cliffs, she spies a body and rushes down to help if she can. A woman has seemingly fallen from the cliff top and dies in Esme's arms, but not before whispering the words 'I lied' and providing Esme with an old and torn photograph. When the dead woman's daughter arrives, she engages Esme to find out about her family history, leading to a tale of deportations, murders and reclusive relatives.

As with the other stories in this series, all the action takes place in the present day, but the thrust of the narrative is based in the past. In this volume, we have a good insight into what it was like to have been deported, often for the merest of crimes. And anyone who has delved in their own research will know how frustrating dead ends are and how complicated can be the different paths that individuals take in their own lives.

Highly recommended as a light , enjoyable and entertaining read.

© Richard Tearle

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