Tuesday 21 November 2017

Britannia’s Gamble by Antoine Vanner

AMAZON UK £2.42 £7.49
AMAZON US $3.21 $11.99

Nautical / Fictional Saga / Military
Victorian era
Egypt / Sudan

Britannia’s Gamble is not just a naval thriller or a tale of war and military conflict. For those of us who have read earlier episodes, it’s an additional delight as it continues the story of Nicholas Dawlish, a Royal Navy officer who is more familiar with steam engines, breech-loaders and torpedoes than with sails, carronades and broadsides.

Nicholas, tough, determined yet anxious about his mission, must endure the horrendous desert stretching across Egypt and Sudan, sail up the Nile through hostile and treacherous waters and then make the hardest decision of his life. But at what cost?

This series goes from strength to strength as we uncover Nicholas’s core character and unpeel the layers he has built up to protect it. His sense of duty and his long-term mission to secure a place of comfort and security while serving his country to the utmost of his ability are again in peril in this latest adventure. But Nicholas is mellowing, not least due to his wife, Florence, who has faced dangers of her own as well as with him in the midst of war-torn Europe and beyond.

Antoine Vanner’s strong grasp on sailing, the Victorian navy, military and political events and personalities of the time is evident. his writing style is assured, flowing and engaging. Roll on the next Dawlish adventure!

© Jessica Brown

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