Wednesday 29 November 2017

A Discovered Diamond Review of Ardent by Heloise West


Fictional Drama / LGBT

In the village of Torrenta, master painter Morello has created a colour that mimics the most expensive pigment of all, the crimson red. Master Zeno, from strife-ridden Medici Florence, tells him the colour gives him a competitive advantage – but Morello must be careful. Fraud is ever-present in the dye and pigment markets.
As they work together in Torrenta, Morello falls hard for Zeno’s assistant, Benedetto Tagliaferro, a young man of uncommon beauty and intelligence. Benedetto is still fixed on his old lover, the master painter Leo Guisculo, and cannot return Morello’s affections.
But when Leo dies in a terrible accident, it’s to Morello that Zeno and Benedetto turn for help. And Morello soon finds that in Florence, every surface hides layers of intrigue.”

The detail of the scenery and the art of painting wonderful masterpieces is as stunning as those finished paintings would be, the author, Heloise West, certainly seems to know her subject.

Written from the two main characters, Morello and Benedetto’s point of views, in alternate chapters, I did find it a little difficult to get into my stride with the story because of the changing POV, and the love triangle aspect (the third person being dead) was a little difficult to get into – but – how does a young man cope with losing the love and inspiration of his life and discover how to accept that time, love and life moves on?

A beautiful love story, especially for readers who appreciate this era and location.

© Ellen Hill 

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