Wednesday 18 October 2017

The King's Daughter by Stephanie Churchill

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shortlisted for the October Book of the Month

Fantasy /Alternate / Fictional Saga

The King's Daughter is one of those novels that is not strictly Historical Fiction but is worthy of the attention of this site. It does contain nods to real history with brushes with a culture and language that is entirely Roman, hinting that this mythical land might actually exist alongside the known Ancient World. That thought is tantalising, even if the make-up of Prille and Corium, places in the novel, is at a different stage of cultural development.

Irisa has always wondered at the education her father gave her, at the words he spoke to her, the stories he told, but nothing fits until she discovers that rather than being the daughter of an impoverished scribe who went missing three years before, she is the daughter of a dispossessed king. She is wanted by opposing factions to serve their needs and the desires for different claimants to replace the ailing monarch on his throne. Irisa has to survive at court, pulled in different directions, following advice from those who only serve themselves, and fighting against falling in love with the man she is to marry.

This second novel is less dramatic than the first but that is not to say there is not tension or danger; there is, but danger does not always come at the point of a sword. Sometimes it is hidden behind words, a look, a withholding of the truth.

Another accomplished novel from Ms Churchill. You might not like fantasy as a genre, but this novel is perfect for lovers of the Wars of the Roses, and if you are feeling the loss of Game of Thrones, this will feed those hunger pangs.

© Nicky Galliers

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