Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Betrothed Sister by Carol McGrath

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Fictional saga
11th Century
Denmark / Kiev (Russia)

Daughters of Hastings series#3

This is the third in the collection of stories about the women of King Harold II's family after he perished at the Battle of Hastings. This concerns Thea, the eldest daughter of Harold.

Thea escapes England to go into exile with her grandmother and the brothers that remain to her. While in the court of the Danish king, she overshadows the Danish princesses and secures for herself a brilliant marriage when she is betrothed, to a prince of Kiev.

As with the previous two novels in this series, The Betrothed Sister is written in a gentle style that still has enough sharpness, and even a touch of cattiness between the ladies, to be engaging and keep the reader engrossed. The world of medieval Central Europe tends to pass by the average student of history. We know of Peter the Great and the Russian involvement with Napoleon, but little more. This novel reveals a rich and vibrant culture that was as sophisticated as any western European kingdom.

Ms McGrath has now revealed the fate of the family of Harold Godwinson, and she is turning her attention to a different age. With her distinctive serene style whatever she turns her hand, and pen, to will be eagerly awaited by her dedicated readers.

© Nicky Galliers

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  1. Thank you , Nicky , for reviewing The Betrothed Sister.


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