Friday 2 June 2017

The Butlins Girls by Elaine Everest

Amazon UK £3.32 / £3.49
Amazon US $4.26 / $5.95
Amazon CA $6.99 / $12.33

Family drama

Molly Missons has had a lot to face, despite her troubles – or perhaps because of them - she applies for a job at Butlins Holiday Camp, Skegness. She finds new friends, Plum and Bunty, and the awesome star of the Silver Screen, Johnny Johnson, is also there to rock her off her feet.

Molly is a delightful character, typical of how you would think of a Butlins’ Red Coat, warm-hearted, eager to please, kind…

For those readers who remember joyful holidays at Butlins (or similar holiday camps!) this delightful novel will surely bring back floods of happy memories. For the story itself, the characters feel very real and believable, the setting too, feels authentic, - that air of na├»ve innocence of the late 1940s, when war was over and there was everything to live for. 

This was a lovely, fun, ‘holiday’ type read. I thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgia!

© Mary Chapple
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