Thursday 8 June 2017

Patrick's Journey by Roy T. Humphreys

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Coming of age

This is a very pleasant and engaging read about a seventeen-year-old man from Ireland in 1790. Naive and youthful, Patrick soon finds himself out of his depth as he gets involved with the Irish resistance. The consequences are far-reaching and take him on a literal and personal journey.

It is fascinating that this story is based on a real person. Authentic and with a great amount of character depth and development, the novel is a rewarding reading experience. He meets many people who have an influence on his attitude towards life and his lot. There is also romance, which adds positively to the sense of tragedy and tension.

Only one small niggle, the ship on the cover appears to be of a 16th century Spanish Galleon type; while an impressive graphic, historically accurate it isn't. (Ships by the late 1700s were very different to this style - a comparison would be assuming an early 1908 Ford Model T was a popular car in 2017)

Sometimes the change of perspective is confusing and the historical detail can feel secondary to the metaphor of the journey, but these are minor distractions in an otherwise excellent novel that I would definitely recommend. 

© Christoph Fischer

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