Friday 12 May 2017

CAMELOT'S QUEEN by Nicole Evelina

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Fantasy / Fictional Saga

Guinevere's Tale Book 2

This is an engrossing continuation of the first book in the series, Daughter of Destiny. Full of mysticism, fantasy, romance and adventure seen through the eyes of Guinevere herself. The characters are believable and engaging – the nice ones and the nasty ones!

Ms Evelina skilfully blends the few facts we know of the period with beautifully written fiction. She creates such an emotive and strong voice for Guinevere that this series is surely a must for all lovers of the fantasy side of Arthurian fiction.

Guinevere is now married to Arthur, the king, a marriage she did not want, but the couple come to respect each other and realise that their own feelings must rise above what is good for the kingdom. But of course life, especially in the world of fiction, is never as easy or straightforward as that.

I did spot a couple of anachronisms and typos but frankly this is such an engrossing story these were easily ignored. Easily read as a stand-alone.

© Mary Chapple

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