29 May 2017

A Discovering Diamond review of: The Domesday Book (No Not That One) by Howard of Warwick

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Alternative / Humour

Duke William has conquered England in 1066, but he has a bit of a problem. He cannot prove his claim. The body of his opponent, King Harold II, is missing so the new Norman King sends an extremely pedantic Saxon off to find him, using the ruse of compiling an enormous book listing the dwelling places and possessions of all the people of England. While he is doing that, some Vikings and the village idiot, set out on their own secret mission… Inevitably their paths are to cross…

Comedy is not always easy to write, it has to be humorous (of course) but not over-the-top silly. The characters here are, by necessity exaggerated, as you would find in any pantomime-type comedy: William for instance is portrayed as a wonderful ‘baddy’. To be truthful, the comedy was not always consistent and perhaps in places the ‘jokes’ were a little repetitive, but all the same this was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read and it kept me chuckling, so job done!

© Anne Holt

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