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Fictionsl Saga / Adventure / Romance / Military
14th century

Book #III of The King's Greatest Enemy

In this, the third of the series, we catch up with Adam de Guirande and his wife Lady Kit where Adam is pledged to serve the young King Edward III whose father is held prisoner in Berkeley Castle. Roger Mortimer and the boy's mother, Queen Isabella, rule as joint regents and the times are beset with rumours, jealousies, treason and secrets. Adam is caught between two strong-willed men – Edward and Mortimer – and often has to act as go-between for the two, an invidious position. But Adam has enemies of his own and both his life and that of Kit's are in constant danger. And then there is the problem of how to deal with the dethroned Edward II....

As in all series, it helps to have read the previous volumes, yet this part is eminently readable as a stand alone – the author skilfully fills in the past events when necessary and all without cluttering the story.

The atmosphere of the 14th century is superbly captured and one has to feel sorry for Adam, for he is called to attend the king at a moment’s notice and with no thought or sympathy as to his – or Kit's – disposition. What comes over brilliantly is the position of Edward himself: not quite old enough to rule in his own right, frustrated that he cannot do so and impatient for the time when he can.

Ms Belfrage is an established author and this wonderful novel adds highly to her already respected reputation.

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