Saturday 8 April 2017

The FLAME BEARER by Bernard Cornwell

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Military /adventure / biographical fiction
10th Century
Northumbria, England

Last Kingdom Series book #10

Bernard Cornwell is one of those few authors where the word 'unputdownable' is a true one. Each new release is eagerly awaited and snapped up the moment it hits the shelves and this, the tenth in the Last Kingdom series (formerly The Warlord series), will not disappoint.

England is at peace for a change, but Uhtred is not: his ambition to recapture his beloved Bebbanburg eats at him and he knows the time is right to make a do-or-die attempt to take it back. With his son and faithful friend Finan, Uhtred marches north. Fully recovered from his wounds, Uhtred is acutely aware that he is growing older and more than at any time in his life, death in battle is likely. But he has lost none of his cunning and uses his talent to confuse his enemies – not that his ideas always work out for him.

Uhtred is a masterful creation, he is a man of his time and he has survived nine books so far. Will he survive to the end of this one and recapture his home? As he so often says, ‘Fate Is Inexorable’. Joining in with this tale, we meet kings, a future king, Uhtred's lover, Aethelflaed and a mad bishop. All good, exciting and absorbing stuff.

There can be no better praise than to say that this is one of the best of an absolutely excellent and always gripping series. Definitely a diamond!

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