Friday 28 April 2017

MOOREND FARM by Gwen Kirkwood

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Amazon US $2.47
Amazon CA $19.07

Fictional Saga
early 20th Century
Yorkshire, England

I come from a farming background, although West Country orientated, but what a delight to read something set in North Yorkshire. I was drawn to the novel for the farming aspect, and was not disappointed by discovering such a wonderful read.

This is the continuing story of William and Emma Sinclair, which started in the story, Moorland Mist. Now, the couple are raising a family and coping with the struggles of a farming life at the turn of the 20th century. The struggles pay off for the farm is starting to become a success, but when her mother falls ill Emma has to return to Scotland where she also hopes to heal the rifts of the past, but Williams mother too, is causing problems and secrets and difficulties soon upset the lives of our characters.

This is a tale of great detail for the reality of life as a farmer where Nature rules, not the events of history, and where relationships can be so easily broken if there is no determination to survive.

© Mary Chapple

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