Thursday 20 April 2017

A Discovered Diamond review of And THEN MINE ENEMY by Alison Stuart

A Discovered Diamond review of: AND THEN MINE ENEMY by Alison Stuart

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 Romance / Adventure
17th Century / English Civil War

And Then Mine Enemy by Alison Stuart is a fast-moving, involving historical romance set in the instantly dramatic period of the English Civil War. It follows the unfolding relationship between Adam Coulter, bastard-born ‘cuckoo in the nest’ of a noble family who chooses to defy his half brothers by taking parliament’s side in the rising war, and Perdita Gray, fianceĆ© to Adam’s stepbrother, Simon. Perdita is an independent-spirited woman who is strong enough to aid the severely wounded and brave enough to ride across war-torn England when the need arises. At first her engagement to the steady and loving Simon precludes her from giving in to her feelings for Adam but in times of war fortunes can turn swiftly, for better and for worse…

This is a very entertaining read, set in a fascinating period that Stuart creates naturally and convincingly. It is lightly written with good pace and flow and is peopled with characters you’ll will to succeed. It ends a little suddenly but as it is the first in a series that isn’t a big problem and I just need to get hold of the next book, Now My Sworn Friend, to read more about both the family and the country’s adventures in hard and interesting times.

© Joanna Barnden

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  1. Aha! Another one I've beaten you to. I read this a little while ago and enjoyed it. It's nice to be ahead of my tbr list for once.


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