Saturday 25 March 2017

The SHINING CITY by Joan Fallon

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Family Saga
10th Century

The Al-Andalus Series Book #1
The Shining City is a wonderful story of tenth-century southern Spain, and of the city of Madinat al Zahra which for such a brief time did indeed, shine, becoming a rival to the capital, Cordoba.
Exploring the rise of the Caliph and Moorish rule, the novel incorporates a wonderful feel of this exotic period of history, skilfully bringing in the culture, history, and religion as well as beautifully written descriptions of every-day life.

The research was obviously undertaken with great affection and 'fact' is seamlessly interwoven into the fictional narrative. The characters are likeable and believable, with their hopes, dreams, fears and ambitions becoming as important to the reader as they are for them. We experience their loves and tragedies with perfect pacing, the story as a whole is most atmospheric – get out your sun-tan lotion for the authenticity feels so real you may need it!
© Mary Chapple

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  1. This sounds brilliant I have got the sample on my Kindle now, so I won't forget to read it.


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