Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Discovering Diamonds Review of: THE WAR BABY by Andrée Rushton

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Amazon US $4.90 $6.77 
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Florence is serving in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, and is passionately in love with Bill, who is a Royal Air Force sergeant. When he is reported missing after the Normandy landings, he is presumed dead. Florence, meanwhile, realises that she is pregnant. Unmarried,  heartbroken and in a bit of a fix, she is discharged from the WAAF. Her troubles do not end there, but I’ll not give away any spoilers, apart from she has the child adopted, and in later years the child decides to find his birth parents, which, unknown to him can cause a tidal wave of repercussions.

This is a moving story of searching for answers, that perhaps sometimes were best not asked in the first place; it is thoughtfully written and is all the more poignant for there must have been many women in Florence’s wartime predicament.

© Ellen Hill

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