Friday 3 March 2017

A Discovering Diamond Review of THE BELTANE CHOICE by Nancy Jardine

AMAZON UK £0.99    / £7.99
AMAZON US $1.22   / $10.99
AMAZON CA $14.80
AD 71

Roman Britain
Celtic Fervour Series #1

The Beltane Choice is standard formulaic romance. It didn’t have too many surprises plot-wise or with the final resolution, and the loose ends were all very neatly tied up. But that is how standard romances are meant to be, and which readers of this genre expect, even look for.

The history and politics were interesting and accurate, and it was good to see references to familiar names of real people. The character development was adequate and I cared what happened to Nara and Lorcan, as well as to his brothers and father. I enjoyed the settings, though I wanted to see more details about the various settlements, but then not all readers want specific detail, especially in a light romance read.

I did found some of the plot points a little contrived (would a woman run from a man and when he catches her, decide she is attracted to him enough to have sex?) but again this is the stuff of this genre, and many readers like the 'bad-boy' type hero. That said, the novel was entertaining and will hit all the right spots for devoted romance fans.

© Kristen McQuinn

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