25 February 2017

THE MAYA PAPYRUS by Richard Coady

AMAZON UK £1.99 / £18.99

Ancient Egypt

Thuya is not a wife to wish for; even her husband dare not go against her ambitions. Manipulating a marriage between her daughter, Tiye, and the Pharaoh Amenhotep is not enough for the woman, however, as she is determined to ensure her dynasty survives. Her sons, Aye and Nakhtmin, become close to the Pharaoh and Maya, the son of Aye, narrates the story of a mad Pharaoh, of wars, incest, power struggles and, inevitably, murder. We are also to meet Tutankhamen and his renowned mother, Nefertiti.

Richard Coady has created wonderful characters in matriarch Thuya and villain Aye, while also weaving a wonderful study of the godlike, mad Pharaoh Amunophis. He deftly explores absolute power and how it can so easily corrupt. The writing style is easy to read even with this being a very big book at 668 pages. Even if you have little interest in Ancient Egypt, I recommend reading this incredible book.

© Anne Holt
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1 comment:

  1. Yes a very good, well written book, thouughly rsearched. Definitely reccommended.


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