Wednesday 15 February 2017

The Loyalist's Wife & The Loyalist's Luck by Elaine Couglar

The Loyalist’s Wife and The Loyalist’s Luck By Elaine Cougler

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Family Saga
American War of Independence
Colonial America

Loyalist Series # 1 & 2

As a Brit, I usually think of the American War of Independence, the break from Britain, with a British eye, and always from the British side of history. Ms Couglar’s two novels, The Loyalist’s Wife and The Loyalist’s Luck, are a refreshing change because they explore a different angle – that of not all Colonists wanting to throw out British rule.

John and Lucy are a young couple living in the Frontier Territory of New York State. (Even that is different to me, a British reader only familiar with New York as a bustling, over-populated city!) John makes the decision, in the first book, The Loyalist’s Wife, to enlist to fight the rebels, in consequence leaving Lucy on her own to face the threat of Reavers, miscreants loyal to only themselves. For Lucy, this was the fate of many a woman when her husband, sons, brothers went off to fight in whatever war was going on at the time.

In the second book, The Loyalist’s Luck, Lucy and John flee to Canada from the resulting success of the Revolution. As with all refugees they can only take what meagre possessions they can grab in a hurry, and hope that luck brings them the ability to start a new life in a new home, but Lucy, yet again, finds herself having to rely on her own wits in order to survive.

These two novels are, perhaps, more of an exploration of Lucy’s strong character and her determination to win through, than the Revolution itself, or John’s part in it, but as a look at life in the American Colonies during that turbulent period these are two very highly recommended novels.

© Helen Hollick

The Loyalist’s Wife also has a Chill With a Book Award.


  1. This sounds like something I might enjoy. Another one for the list. 😉

  2. Elaine has been trying to leave a comment to say thank you Loretta.


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