22 February 2017


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Family Saga
14th Century 

The Bone Angel series 

Mid 14th century. Lucie-sur-Vionne, a small French town. From her late mother, Heloise inherited the skill of midwifery. She has a husband, Raoul and a daughter, Morgane. But Heloise was base-born and has no knowledge of who her father was; all she has is a strange pendant. She has many friends, but as many enemies and then there are those who believe her to be a witch.

When plague strikes, as a healer she needs to do her duty to help where she can, but her husband forbids her to become involved. Defying him, she finds herself imprisoned – and her real troubles are about to start.

The third in the Bone Angel series,  Blood Rose Angel can easily be read as a 'stand alone', and is a powerful novel, well written, engrossing, and a superbly sensitive study of life, birth and terrible and devastating death in the 1300s. My only criticism is that the end lost a little bit of steam, but as the rest of this thoroughly enjoyable novel forged ahead at full tilt, I think that minor quibble can be overlooked.

Perhaps a novel for women more than men, but nonetheless a gripping read.
© Richard Tearle
Note: this novel may appear to be incorrectly formatted on some e-reader devices 
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