Thursday 9 February 2017

A Discovering Diamonds Review of: WULFSUNA by Elaine Moxon

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5th century
Saxon Britain 

The Wolf Spear Saga

A Saxon thegn, Wulfric, has seen service in Britannia during the last years of Rome’s administration. Twenty years later, he goes back with Wulfgar, his son, to meet again with those who stayed in what has become Bryton. His intention is to reunite the two halves of Wulfsana, his beloved tribe. But of course, dreams and intentions are one thing, the actual doing, quite another, especially when there is an abundance of bad luck and a young seer who perhaps would be better off – from the tribe’s point of view – dead. Wulfgar does not believe that her destiny is relevant to his own, but maybe her seer’s power is more important than he realises.

This story is of a journey, of a tribe moving from one land to another, and of the trials and difficulties – and pleasures – of life. There is a large cast, but Ms Moxon handles them all with disciplined skill, although perhaps a few non-essentials could have been excluded in favour of the reader’s mental juggling ability. The main characters are drawn well, and the author plainly knows her period, with the only criticism being that there were a few anachronisms that jarred a little as they were too 21st Century, but even so,  an enjoyable read, especially bfor lovers of the post-Roman, early-Saxon era of England's rich and varied history.

© Anne Holt

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