14 January 2017


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Fictional Saga /Adventure / Military
Roman Britain / AD 370
Series #3

Bill Page has a wonderful knowledge of late Roman Britain, which he uses in abundance for One Summer In Arcadia.

The plot centres around a three-way relationship between Canio, a retired Roman infantry officer; Trifosa his beautiful young consort slave, and Antoninus a retired Cavalry officer, the son and heir of Trifosa’s original cruwl master, Censorinus. Canio has acquired a fortune, the details of which are given in the previous novel, The Sower of the Seeds of Dreams, but he is being blackmailed into spying on Antoninus by Lunaris, an imperial tax official and Lunaris has a grudge to settle.

Skillfully interwoven with the action is a search by all the main characters for security in life, love and conviction, with all of it tempered by Canio’s worldly but liberal incredulity.

There are subtle plot twists and unexpected events, about all of which I shall say not a word ... except read this book and enjoy the adventure.

©Helen Hollick Discovering Diamonds

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