Sunday 1 January 2017

BLOODIE BONES by Lucienne Boyce

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This title was selected as the January Book of the Month

Crime / Mystery 
1796 / Georgian
A Dan Foster Mystery  #1

Josh Castle, a gamekeeper, has been murdered and Bow Street Runner, Dan Foster, goes undercover to discover the truth of the circumstances of his death. Taking part in a night-time poaching expeditions Dan infiltrates into the heart of the local community. There are questions to be answered, though, and Lord Oldfield himself is a unpopular landlord. What is the truth? What are the lies and deceits?

Bloodie Bones is a fantastic novel. It is beautifully written with a smooth seamless flow to the story with a faultless style oozing the ability of a very talented writer. Many scenes are so realistic you could almost be there watching, like a fly on the wall or as if seeing the action on a movie screen. The characters are highly engaging - 100% believable, and the author's detail of research evokes a genuine feel of the 1880s era. The intriguing glimpses into Dan’s home and personal life create a nice balance - more of Mrs Foster in the next novel please Ms Boyce - I liked her!

The story is a thrillingand engrossing page-turner that demands just one more chapter before lights out and sleep - then maybe just one more... perhaps just one more...

Very highly recommended. The next in the series of Dan Foster mysteries is most eagerly awaited.

©Anne Holt Discovering Diamonds

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  1. This book was a great read, and made it all the way to the top in the HNS Indie Award 2016, being one of two winners announced at the HNS Oxford Conference. Why? because it has convincing and well-developed characters and a tightly constructed plot set in a beautifully depicted historical setting.

    1. Definitely one of the best reads of 2016 - I'm looking forward to Dan's next adventure.

    2. Oh dear not sure my comment worked out properly...however just to say I think there's a typo in the review - Bloodie Bones is set in 1796 so, sadly, Sherlock would not be available. But the thought of Dan and Sherlock together is an intriguing one!

  2. What? How is an 1880s murder to be investigated without Holmes? That's almost too incredible to believe!

    But it sounds interesting enough to read. LOL

    1. Well Holmes was occasionally a bit busy - so enter Dan Foster....

    2. Apologies to you Mystic Scholar (and to Lucienne Boyce) the first blooper... Bloodie Bones is set 1796 not in the 1800s. My fault - I thought that date was wrong but forgot to check. So Holmes might have been influenced by Dan Foster... LOL

  3. Congratulations to Lucienne Boyce on her award and the first one too. Wonderful! :)

  4. This one is definitely on my TBR list.

  5. I very much enjoyed Bloodie Bones - in fact, I thought I'd already commented here but I must have hit the wrong button, lol. Always a technoklutz, me.


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