Monday, 30 January 2017

A Discovering Diamonds Review of: THE UNEXPECTED EARL by Philippa Jane Keyworth

AMAZON UK £).99    / £10.50
AMAZON US $1/24   / $14.95
AMAZON CA $n.a / $19.32

Regency / 18th Century

This is a classic Regency Romance. Miss Julia Rotherham is attending her sister’s coming out ball when she unexpectedly comes face to face with the man who jilted her six years before. And on this hangs the tale.

This romantic story features a feisty heroine, a handsome leading man, an excellent supporting male, two fabulous sisters and a suitably wicked foil. But for all the typical clich├ęs this story only descends into farce where it is required and lightens what could be a dark situation. In general the characters are rounded enough to be believable, although the mother does teeter on the edge of the ridiculous, but in a very Jane Austen / Mrs Bennett kind of way and so it is completely forgivable.

Although it could be said that this novel does not offer anything new in the way of Regency Romances, that is not a criticism. Sometimes it is a comfort to know that the story will develop in the way you expect, like an old friend in a new hat. So bravo! A good read, warm, familiar, and welcoming. Like a comfy pair of slippers or an old snuggly jumper, this is a perfect indulgent read for a long winter evening.

©  Nicky Galliers  Discovering Diamonds

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