Good books to review

Are you looking for...
1. Somewhere new to 'advertise' yourself as an author?
2.  A  free review about your novel (historical fiction only)*
3.  Somewhere to introduce your character/s to a new, wider, audience?**

Why not take advantage of one or more - or all - of the offers below?

* Reviews are not guaranteed: submitted novels must reach a 4 or 5-star standard
** IndieBRAG medallion writers only

Discovering Diamonds
We aim to promote all quality historical fiction, regardless of sub-genre or how it is published, although we primarily wish to support indie authors because they do not have the backing of the big publishing houses to market their books. However, our standards are high! In addition to the level of writing and editing, we assess traditional-quality production and presentation – which means correct formatting and can include cover design. 

email Helen Hollick for details
( author@helenhollick.net

For Indie authors who have received 
an IndieBRAG medallion


 In conjunction with IndieBRAG
posted every Friday
(from April - monthly on the first Friday of the month)

To be a little different from the usual 'meet the author' 
we interview a character

email Helen Hollick for details

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