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short stories inspired by a song
written by various authors

1st        Philip K. Allan     
 2nd      J J Toner         
 3rd       Catherine Kullman    
 4th       Helen Hollick              
 5th       Richard Tearle    
 6th       Barbara Gaskell Denvil
 7th       Nicky Galliers
 8th       Angela Macrae Shanks          
 9th       Katherine Pym  
10th      J G Harlond    
11th       Anna Belfrage
12th      Richard Dee
13th      Inge H. Borg
14th      Annie Whitehead
15th      Louise Adam
16th      Charlene Newcomb
17th      Alison Morton                         
18th      Kathryn Gauci
19th      Helen Hollick 
20th     M.J. Logue
21st       Helen Hollick 
22nd     Cryssa Bazos               
23rd      Jennifer Wilson                       
24th      Elizabeth St John  writing as Julia Darke                         
26th      Helen Hollick

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Our Christmas 2017 Short Story Spot
  Follow the Tales… and Discover some Diamonds

3rd December     Richard Tearle Diamonds
4th December     Helen Hollick  When ex-lovers have their uses
5th December     Antoine Vanner  Britannia’s Diamonds
6th December     Nicky Galliers  Diamond Windows
7th December     Denise Barnes  The Lost Diamond
8th December     Elizabeth Jane Corbett A Soul Above Diamonds
9th December     Lucienne Boyce Murder In Silks
10th December   Julia Brannan The Curious Case of the Disappearing Diamond
11th December    Pauline Barclay Sometimes It Happens
12th December    Annie Whitehead Hearts, Home and a Precious Stone
13th December    Inge H. Borg  Edward, Con Extraordinaire
14th December    J.G. Harlond The Empress Emerald
15th December    Charlene Newcomb Diamonds in the Desert
16th December    Susan Grossey A Suitable Gift
17th December     Alison  Morton Three Thousand Years to Saturnalia
18th December     Nancy Jardine   Illicit Familial Diamonds
19th December     Elizabeth St John The Stolen Diamonds
20th December    Barbara Gaskell Denvil Discovering the Diamond
21st December      Anna Belfrage   Diamonds in the Mud
22nd December    Cryssa Bazos    The Diamonds of Sint-Nicholaas
23rd December     Diamonds … In Sound & Song 

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