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Richard Abbott  Half Sick of Shadows
Richard Abramson The Virtues of Scandal
Dick Allan  The Cry of the Heron  
Jane Austen Persuasion

Elizabeth Bailey In Honour Bound  
The Viscount Besieged
Steven Baker Colour Sergeant Chesney VC
Dorinda Balchin  Heronfield    Cavalier Historian 
Pauline Barclay Satchfield Hall
Autumn Bardot Dragon Lady 28th July
Sally Barlow-Perez  Unintended Runaways
Sue Barnard The Ghostly Father 
Sue Barr   Caroline
Jasper Barry That Deplorable Boy
Steve Bartholomew Tunnel 6
The Survivor & Other Tales of Old San Francisco  
P.S. Bartlett  Jaded Tides 
P. S Bartlett & Ronovan Hester AmberWake
R L Bartram Whippoorwill 
Tania Bayard In the Shadow of the Enemy 
Cryssa Bazos The Severed Knot 
Elizabeth Bell Necessary Sins
John Bell Circumstantial Enemy 
Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard Temptation Rag
The Beauty Doctor
Paul Bernardi  To the Devil His Due  
Charlotte Betts  The Light Within Us
Nancy Bilyeau  The Blue
Neil Blackmore The Intoxicating Mr Lavelle
Isobel Blackthorn The Unlikely Occultist
C.M. Blackwood  My White Dahlia  
Mark Bois The Lockwoods of Clonakilty
Alaric Bond  Sealed Orders Hellfire Corner 
Katherine Bone  The Pirate's Debt   Pirate’s Duchess 
Patricia J. Boomsma The Way of Glory
Paul Boorstin  David And The Philistine Woman                        
Inge H Borg  Khamsin 
Niamh Boyce Her Kind
Julie Bozza  The Fine Point of His Soul 
Patricia Bracewell The Steel Beneath The Silk
Graham Brack Death In Delft   Untrue Till Death   
Griffin Brady The Heart of a Hussar
D.A. Brittain Judah's Scepter And The Sacred Stone
Lynn Bryant An Unconventional Officer 18th June
Rachel Burge The Twisted Tree 
Rebecca Burns Beyond the Bay
Jim Burnside The Longest Night 
Octavia Butler Kindred
Paula Butterfield La Luministe
Richard Buxton  Whirligig   The Copper Road

James Calbraith The Saxon Spears: The Song Of Ash
Michael Calpino An Inception of Piracy 
Anna Campbell Lord Garson’s Bride
Deborah Carr Broken Faces 
Don Eric Carroll Pancho  
 Sharon E. Cathcart Bayou Fire 
Edie Cay The Boxer and the Blacksmith 12th May 
Elizabeth Chadwick  Autumn Throne   Templar Silks
 The Greatest Knight  The Irish Princess The Coming of the Wolf 
S.A. Chakraborty   The City of Brass
Eileen Charbonneau Seven Aprils Mercies of the Fallen 28th June
Tracy Chevalier The Last Runaway 
Erskine Childers The Riddle of the Sands
Sherry Christie Roma Amor 
Meg Clothier The Empress
Richard Coady the Maya Papyrus 
Elizabeth Cobbs The Tubman Command 
Linda Collison Rhode Island Rendezvous                
David Cook Fire and Steel   
John Copenhaver  Dodging and Burning 
Elizabeth Jane Corbett The Tides Between 
Nicola Cornick  House of Shadows      The Woman In The Lake 
The Forgotten Sister 
Victoria Cornwall The Thief'sDaughter 
Bernard Cornwell  Flame Bearer 
Haydn Corper the Scent of Lilacs 
Emily Cotton Eva's Secret 
Whispers of the Rune 19th July
Linda Covella Yakimali's Gift
Karen M Cox Son of a Preacher Man  1932,
 Pride and Prejudice Revisited (see also Various)
Patricia Grady Cox Chasm Creek 
Maggie Craig Gathering Storm
Carol M. Cram The Muse of Fire  
Glen Craney The Yanks are Starving 
John D Cressler   Shadows in the Shining City   Fortune’s Lament
Hickory Crowl  The Bewitcher
Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead The Captain and the Cavalry Trooper  The Ghost Garden The Captain and the Theatrical 

Playing With  Fire The Fourth Marchioness 9th July
Joslin Day The Sewing Place 
Cassandra Dean Finding Lord Farlisle 
Barb Warner Deane  On the Homefront    The Whistle Stop Canteen 
Ricke Deregon Fire In The Year Of Four Emperors  
Finn Dervan Serenity Song 
Adrienne Dillard  Raven's Widow 
Jim Ditchfield Nursing Fox
NB Dixon Earl of Huntingdon
Robert Dodds  The Garden of Earthly Delights  
Rodica Doehnert Hotel Sacher
Angus Donald Blood’s Game   Blood’s Campaign
Emma Donoghue The Wonder
Elena Douglas Shadow of Athena
John Drake The traitor of Treasure Island 
A. D'Orazio  (see Various)
Drēma Drudge Victorine
Joan Druett   The Money Ship  Eleanor's Odyssey
 Cathie Dunn Love Lost in Time The Shadows of Versailles
Wendy J Dunn Falling Pomegranate Seeds  The Light in the Labyrinth  
Les Edgerton Hard Times
Morag Edwards The Jacobite’s Wife
Mim Eichmann A Sparrow Alone
Christine Evans The Song of the Shuttle 
Mary Fancher The Love Letter of John Henry Holliday 
Cindy Fazzi My MacArthur 
Elizabeth Caulfield Felt Syncopation 
Yves Fey Floats the Dark Shadow 
David Field Interviewing the Dead
Naomi Finley  A Slave of the Shadows 
Graham Fitzgerald Astraia: Spirit of Defiance 
Fannie Flagg the Whole Town's Talking 
Devorah Fox The Lost King 
Peter Fox The Shadow of Fenrir 
Ruth Francisco Catfish Pearl 

Marius Gabriel  The Parisians 
Sarah Gailey River of Teeth
Charlie Garratt A Shadowed Livery    A Pretty Folly
Elizabeth Gates The Wolf Of Dalriada 
Victoria Glendinning The Butcher's Daughter 
James R. Glover  The Picolata Road
Anne Glyn-Jones Morse Code Wrens 
Loretta Goldberg The Reversible Mask 
Cynthia A. Graham Behind Every Door 
J.M. Graham Arizona Moon 
Annelise Gray Circus Maximus: Race to the Death 2nd July
Molly Green  An Orphan in the Snow   An Orphan’s War  r
An Orphan's Wish   A Sister's Courage  A Sister's Song A Sister's War 25th June
Juliet Greenwood the White Camellia 
Jeanette Gretchen  This Day is Ours 29th March

Peter Haden Jan 
Cynthia Sally Haggard Farewell My Life
Dean Hamilton The Jesuit Letter   Thieves' Castle
Dodie Hamilton Fragile Blossoms    A Second Chance
Christine Hancock Bright Sword   Bright Axe  Bright Blade  Bright Helm 11th June
Beverley Hansford Path of Injustice 
Matthew Harffy  The Cross and the Curse   Kin of Cain   Killer of Kings 
Warrior of Woden   The Wolf of Wessex 
Nadia Hashimi The Pearl That Broke Its Shell
Alis Hawkins The Black and the White
Tinney S Heath Lady of the Seven Suns  
Lars Hedbor The Path 
Karen Heenan  Songbird  A Wider World
Suzy Henderson The Beauty Shop 
Joanna Hickson First of the Tudors
Birgitta Hjalmarso Fylgia 
James M. Hockey Axe, the Shield and the Triton,   Edith Fair as a Swan  
 Alice Hoffman  the Rules of Magic 
Mary Hoffman The Ravenmaster's Boy 
Catherine  Hokin Blood and Roses
G.K. Holloway 1066: What Fates Impose   
Gill Hornby  Miss Austen
Howard of Warwick Domesday Book (No Not That One)  
 2) The Tapestry of Death 
Susan Hughes A Kiss From France 
Roy T. Humphreys Patrick's Journey 
James Hutson-Wiley The Travels of Ibn Thomas

Michelle Isenhoff  Ella Wood
Shaun Ivory     Duty and Dishonor     Friends of My Father      
  Killing Kiowas                   


Eddie Jaku The Happiest Man on Earth (non-fiction)
Gretchen Jeannette This Day Is Ours
Michael Jensen Man and Beast 
Val Jensen II Arise, Crusader,  
Harald Johnson New York 1609
Jane Johnson Court of Lions
Bill Jones Black Camp 21
Jane Jordan The Beekeeper's Daughter 
Andrew Joyce Mahoney 
D. L. Jung  Sparrow Squadron 

Michele Kallio Betrayal 
Alexa Kang  Shanghai Story  
S. C. Karakaltsas A Perfect Stone
Terri Evert Karsten A Mistake of Consequence 
Guy Gavriel Kay A Brightness Long Ago 
 Jeff Kaye All The People
Sarah Kennedy The King's Sisters
S.K. Keogh The Driver's Wife The Edge of Hell 4th June
Phillipa Jane Keyworth The Unexpected Earl 
Rosemary J. Kind  New York Orphan 
Bill Kirton The Figurehead   The Likeness 
Gwen Kirkwood Moorend Farm 
A Comfortable Alliance 23rd July
Marion Kummerow Unrelenting

Jane Rosenberg La Forge The Hawkman: A Fairy Tale of the Great War
Ursula la Guin  Lavinia
Erica Lainé  Isabella Of Angoulême: The Tangled Queen 
Part Two  Part Three 
Barbara Lamplugh The Red Gene
Joanne Larner  Distant Echoes 
Bjørn Larssen   Storytellers 
Marie Laval  Angel Heart 
Caroline Lawrence The Time Travel Diarie
Min Jin Lee  Pachinko
Judith Lennox One Last Dance
Lucy May Lennox The Adventures of Tom Finch, Gentleman Flowers By Night 23rd June
Diane Scott Lewis Her Vanquished Land 
J G Lewis Cathedral of Bones
Marc Liebman Raider of The Scottish Coast
Nanette Littlestone  The Sacred Flame
Loretta Livingstone Out of Time    Promise to Keep 
Blossom on the Thorn 
M. L. Locke (see Various)
Paula Lofting   Sons of the Wolf    the Wolf Banner   
M J Logue  Red Horse   An Abiding Fire (previously An Imperfect Enjoyment) Command the Raven  A Deceitful Subtlety
Emma Lombard Discerning Grace 7th July
Chris Longmuir The Death Game Devil's Porridge
Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger No Man's Land

Paul D. Marks The Blues Don't Care 
Nicki J Markus Brougham Hall
D.K Marley Blood and Ink 
Amy Maroney The Girl From Oto  Mira's Way     A Place in the World 
The Promise
Juliet Marillier Daughter of the Forest
Samuel Marquis Soldiers Of Freedom
Paul Marriner The Blue Bench
Cindy Rinaman Marsch Rosette 
Milana Marsenich  Copper Sky
Rhona Martin Gallows Wedding 
Dave Mason EO-N
VEH Masters The Castilians 16th June
Gabrielle Mathieu 1) the Falcon Flies Alone    the Falcon Strikes
Tam May The Specter
V.L. McBeath Hooks and Eyes
 Kevin McCarthy Wolves of Eden
Carol McGrath Betrothed Sister  Woman in the Shadows  
The Silken Rose
Steven McKay Forest Lord Series 
Paula McLain Circling the Sun 
Mark M.McMillin The Butcher's Daughter
Lori McMullen Among the Beautiful Beasts 14th July
Christine Davis Merriman 
At the Far End of Nowhere 
Catherine Meyrick Forsaking All Other 
Ellie Midwood No Woman's Land
Andrew Miller Now We Shall Be Entirely Free 
Cynthia Ripley Miller The Quest for the Crown of Thorns 
Madeline Miller Circe  
Rosalind MinettImpact  Intrusion: A Relative Invasion 
Nicky Moxey Sheriff and Priest
Jojo Moyes The Giver of Stars
Leah Moyes Berlin Butterfly: Ensnare Second Survivor 12th July
Kate Murdoch Stone Circle 
M.C.Muir Oliver Quintrell Series   Seventy-Four 
April Munday Beloved Besieged 
Tiffany Murray Sugar Hall  

Charlene Newcomb For King and Country     Swords of the King 
Caroline Newark  Fair Maid of Kent 
J.M. Nunez The Saracen Storm
Anne O'Brien Shadow Queen 
Laurence O’Bryan The Sign of the Blood
Eileen O’Finlan Kelegeen 10th February
Gail Ward Olmsted Landscape of a Marriage 26th July
Annette Oppenlander Surviving the Fatherland 
John Orton Blitz P.A.M.S.                          
Anna Franklin Osborne Walking Wounded 
Marina Osipova The) Cruel Romance  How Dare the Birds Sing

Robyn R. Pearce It Happened On Fifth Street 9th June
Jana Petken Swearing Allegiance  
Garth Pettersen The Cold Hearth
David Phelps The Snow Foresters 
Scarlette Pike In Spite of Lions 
Signe Pike The Lost Queen 
S.Pitt Fen-wolf     
K. M. Pohlkamp Apricots And Wolfsbane  Shadows Of Hemlock
Alice Poon The Green Phoenix   Tales of Ming Courtesans 
Daryl Potter Keziah’s Song  21st June
R.L. Prendergast Confessions of Socrates 
Ed Protzel Something in Madness 26th May
Linda Proud Chariot of the Soul
Natasha Pulley The Kingdoms 28th May
Anthony Quinn Freya

Douglas Reeman The Horizon 
Kimberley Jordan Reeman Coronach 
Kerryn Reid Anna’s Refuge 
Jacqueline Reiter Earl of Shadows 
James Remmer Out Of Mecklenburg  
Michelle Rene Maud's Circus 7th June
Elizabeth Revill Against the Tide
Stuart Rudge Rise Of A Champion
Elaine Russell  Across The Mekong River 
Mary Doria Russell Doc 
Norman Russell  An Oxford Scandal 
William H. Russeth  Belerion Odyssey        
 Andrée Rushton The War Baby 

Michelle Saftich Port of No Return
Mark W Sasse A Diamond for Her 16th July
Steven Saylor Wrath of the Furies 
N.C. Schell The Ballade of MaryReede   
Sarah Schmidt  See What I Have Done    
Eric Schumacher  Raven’s Feast    War King Forged By Iron Sigurd’s Swords 5th July
Liese O'Halloran Schwarz The Possible World 
Beverly Scott  Sarah’s Secret                                    
Caroline Scott The Photographer of the Lost
Mark Seaman  A Corner Of My Heart 
Nigel Seed No Road to Khartoum  TheRoad to Ladysmith 
The Bloody Road 
Diane Setterfield Once Upon A River 
Eva Seyler The War in Our Hearts
Angela Macrae Shanks   The Blood and the Barley 
Liz MacRae Shaw No Safe Anchorage    Had We Never Loved So Blindly 17th May
Laura Shepherd-Robinson Daughters of Night             
Harry Sidebottom Fire and Sword 
John Simmons The Good Messenger 
Michael A. SimpsoSons of My Fathers  
Peter St.John Gang Territory 
Brian Stoddart A Greater God 
Cynthia Strauff Echoes from the Alum Chine  
Michal Strutin  Judging Noa 
Alison Stuart And then Mine Enemy                                   
Jean Stubbs Kit's Hill 
Julia Sutherland Tug of War
Deborah Swift Pleasing Mr Pepys   A Plague On Mr Pepys  
    Shadow On The Highway Entertaining Mr Pepys The Lifeline (see also Various)
J.K. Swift Altdorf: Book One The Forest Knights  Morgarten: Book Two 
Lorraine Swoboda Mrs Calcott's Army  
Joan Szechtman Strange Times 

Tim Topps The Paper Caper 
Gita Trelease Enchantée  
M.J. Trow Black Death 
 Mark Turnbull Allegiance of Blood
Wayne Turmel Acre's Bastard      Acre's Orphans 
Simon Turney and Gordon Doherty  Sons of Rome
MaryLu Tyndall Charity's Cross 

V.E. Ulett Golden Dragon 
Linda Ulleseit Under the Almond Trees 

Antoine Vanner  Britannia's Amazon    Britannia’s Gamble 
Vivienne Vermes The Barefoot Road 

Various Authors: (anthologies and compilations 
- listed by TITLE)
1066 Turned Upside Down  Helen Hollick, Joanna Courtney, 
Alison Morton, Anna Belfrage, Annie Whitehead, Glyn Holloway, 
Richard Dee, Carol McGrath, Eliza Redgold

Betrayal by 
Alison Morton, Amy Maroney, Anna Belfrage, Annie Whitehead, Charlene Newcomb, Cryssa Bazos, Derek Birks, Elizabeth St John,  Helen Hollick, Judith Arnopp,  Mercedes Rochelle, Tony Riches

Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen's Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues   by Joana Starnes, Katie Oliver, Karen M Cox, Jenetta James, Beau North, J. Marie Croft, Christina Morland, Lona Manning, A. D'Orazio, Christina Boyd  (Editor)

Jane Austen's Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues Christine Boyd (editor) 
 J. Marie Croft, Amy D'Orazio, Jenetta James,  Beau North,  
Katie Oliver, Joana Starnes

Medieval to Modern: An Anthology of Historical Mystery Stories Libi AstaireMary Louisa Locke, M. Ruth MyersSarah Woodbury

Rational Creatures  Christine Boyd (editor), Elizabeth Adam, Nicole Clarkston, Karen M Cox, J. Marie Croft, Amy D'Orazio, Jenetta James, Jessica Lewis, Kara Lyn MacRory, Beau North, Sophia Rose,  Angela Schroeder, Joana Starnes

Right Trusty and Well Beloved by Rebecca Batley, Terri Beckett, Susan Grant-Mackie, Kim Harding, Wendy Johnson, Joanne R. Larner, Kit Mareska, Alex Marchant (also editor), Maire Martello, Liz Orwin, Elizabeth Ottoson, Nicola Slade, Richard Tearle, Kathryn Wharton, Brian Wainwright, Jennifer C. Wilson 

Rubicon by Nick Brown, Gordon Doherty, Ruth Downie, Richard Foreman, Alison Morton, Anthony Riches, Antonia Senior, Peter Tonkin, L.J. Trafford, S.J. Turney 

The Darcy Monologues  Christine Boyd (editor) Joana Starnes, Jan Hahn, Lory Lilian, Karen M Cox, Jenetta James, Susan Adriani, KaraLynne Mackrory, Beau North, Caitlin Williams

The Darkest Hour: WWII Tales of Resistance Stories by Roberta Kagan, Jean Grainger, Marion Kummerow, Ellie Midwood, Alexa Kang, Mary D. Brooks, Deborah Swift, Kathryn Gauci, John R McKay, Ryan Armstrong, Terry Lynn Thomas (Foreword)

We All Fall Down Authors: Jean Gill, Lisa J Yarde, 
Jessica Knauss, Deborah Swift,  Kristin Gleeson, Laura Morelli, 
Katherine Pym, David Blixt, Melodie Winawr 

Paul Walker State Of Treason
Regan Walker Summer Warrior
Minette Walters The LastHours  
Sue-Ellen Welfonder Seduction of a Highland Warrior
Heloise West Ardent  
Annie Whitehead Alvar the Kingmaker   2) Cometh the Hour  
To Be A Queen see also: Non-fiction and Various
Samantha Wilcoxson Faithful Traitor  Queen of Martyrs  
Anthony R. Wildman The Diplomat of Florence
M.J. Wiley Falling into the light 24th May
Alethea Williams Nȧȧpiikoan Winter 
Caitlin Williams (see Various)
Ceri Williams and Drew Neary The Clockmaker 
Michael E. Wills Bounty  Bound for Home The Red Slippers & Sven and the Purse of Silver
Jacqueline Wilson Clover Moon   Rose Rivers 
Suzanne M. Wolfe A Murder by Any Name
K. Lyn Wurth Seven Kinds of Rain  
Susan Wüthrich Another Kind of Sunset

Mary Anne Yarde  The du Lac Chronicles    Du Lac Devil  
The Du Lac Prophecy 
Angela Jean Young Field Of Dust

Gloria Zachgo Never Waste Tears
Rachel Zolotov The Girl with the Silver Star 19th May

Roy Adkins  and Lesley Adkins Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History

Susanne Alleyn  Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders: A Writer’s (& Editor’s) Guide to Keeping Historical Fiction Free of Common Anachronisms, Errors, & Myths

Seb Falk The Light Ages - A Medieval Journey Of Discovery 

Jane Holland Writing Prompts for Romance Writers

Helen Hollick with Jo Field Discovering the Diamond (non-fiction) 

Joanna Kafarowski The Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame  

Michael Livingstone & Kelly DeVries (ed) The Battle of Crecy   

 Neil Price The Children of Ash and Elm

Annie Whitehead  Mercia: The Rise And Fall Of A Kingdom 
Women Of Power In Anglo Saxon England

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