Our AWARDS  of the YEAR
Our Annual Award (no prize, just the praise!) 
The winners are chosen from 
the books that were selected as Book of the Month
and are a personal choice by Helen Hollick, 
founder of Discovering Diamonds
As I do not review many of the books submitted to Discovering Diamonds, I thought it would be an idea to set aside a shortlist of books that I personally wanted to read, and to pick a monthly choice of the one I enjoyed the most. From there, decide on one winner for Book of the Year. I must stress that these choices are entirely personal to me.
     For my own enjoyment I want a book to be entertaining. I look forward to meeting new (and old!) fictional friends and becoming engrossed in their world which is sandwiched between the covers of a book, (or in my case, on my Kindle.) When reading for pleasure I do not read to critique, take note of typo errors, spelling or grammar mistakes, pick out anachronisms or point of view changes - if a novel is well written I often do not even notice the occasional blooper. What I want is a good story with believable characters enacting believable situations, even if these are fantasy, alternative or set in the distant past.
     Quality of writing and production are important - too many errors spoil the reading pleasure, as do typos if they occur too frequently. Anachronisms can jar, as can historical inaccuracies - but the occasional blooper can be overlooked if the story is absorbing enough to overshadow these. The better written the story, (which also means the better edited!)  the better it will read. My choices for Book of the Month are the novels that I enjoyed for the story/adventure snd for the 'what happens next' eagerness to find out.

Book of the Year 2018
* * *
Book of the Year 2017

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Designed by Louise Millidge
published by Acorn Digital Press
Read our review HERE
Published and designed by Penquin Random House
Tamian and Cathy each had two book cover designs included in our 2018 reviews 
but as judges they are exempt from the awards. 
However, the authors deserve some recognition so 
Cathy made her choice of a winner for Tamian's designs 
and Tamian chose Cathy's...

Avalon Graphics
read our review HERE
Runner Up
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Beyond Design International
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Runner Up
read our review HERE
* * * 

‘The Enchanted Swans’ by Christy Nicholas
Cover Designer: Cora Graphics

     Runner up Honourable Mention

 ‘Under The Approaching Dark’ by Anna Belfrage

Discovering Diamonds would like to thank
Cathy and Tamian
for their support and enthusiasm

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