Discovering Diamonds has recently introduced a monthly 'Cover Critique' spot  in order to give free, friendly, advice on how book covers can achieve that little bit extra 'oomph' to get noticed more easily.

If your book has been reviewed or submitted to Discovering Diamonds would you like some additional online marketing exposure for it by taking part in this feature? 

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Scroll down for information about our offer:

Thank you for showing an interest in our #DDRevs ‘Cover Critique’ free offer.

Discovering Diamonds was founded to give honest - and free – reviews of historical fiction that deserved to be noticed. Since we opened on January 1st 2017 we have gained a regular audience, and average 7,000 views a month. As we continue to strive to support writers in the historical fiction genre - particularly indie writers - we want to offer another way to help indies get noticed and have the best chance of selling their books. 

Our #DDRevs cover critique offer might help give a future book that little bit of extra 'oomph' to attract readers’ attention, and in the process, give some additional exposure to a book or books that we have already reviewed.

As you may have noticed, #DDRevs hosts a monthly ‘cover of the month’ spot where Tamian and Cathy, two professional book cover designers, look at each month's group of reviewed books and select a ‘winner’. Take a look at the selected covers for 2021 here: Book & Cover of the Month

For your book/s, maybe your cover came close to being selected, but missed out due to a small detail that, had you known about it, might have improved your cover's overall impact.

While you would probably not wish to redesign and republish any books already in print, would you be interested in having further exposure on #DDRevs of your book/s that we have already reviewed by submitting the cover for a constructive critique? Once a month, we are offering a free expert, professional view on what details might have improved that first impression* of your book - a more outstanding font, for instance, and therefore be of help to any future designs. 

* (it really IS true, you know - you CAN judge a book by its cover!)

This feedback will be entirely constructive and given with the intent of explaining the finer points of what makes a cover design the best that it can be. Basically, the Cover Critique feature is offered up in hope of helping non-designers discover a few ‘tricks of the trade’ in order to make their books stand out from the crowd and directly compete with the professionally produced (usually at some expense!) mainstream titles.

To take part, you would need to have already had your book reviewed by Discovering Diamonds, be open to an honest, but constructive, critique of your book cover - as you were about the review of the book itself. In return, your book will be featured on our monthly Cover Critique Corner (with the addition of a link on Facebook and Twitter and to Amazon). So a free critique, and some additional free marketing!

All critiques will have positive suggestions and advice, (we do not ‘trash’ books here on Discovering Diamonds!) 

If you are interested in taking part, please contact 

Cathy Helms direct on



Tamian Wood on


Mark your Subject Line: Cover Critique Corner Request

Thank you - stay healthy, stay safe!

Helen Hollick

Founder Discovering Diamonds

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