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My criteria for selection is:
* Did I thoroughly enjoy this story?
* Would I read it again?
* Is it a 'keeper'

Hard to decide again this month - 
both my choices were enjoyable reads: 
From our October Reviews
A moving tale, superbly written
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Book of the Month 
I not only enjoyed this novel - but the entire series!

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From our  September Reviews
I'm probably going to get moaned at for my  selections this month
 because I hold my hand up tknowing these authors. 
Yes, they are friends... BUT...
I make my selections regardless of who wrote a book or who published it
(see above) 
Now I thoroughly enjoyed all the books on my shortlisted list 
but the three below were extra favourites because, 
being honest again, I love the books written by these three ladies. 
(and well, yes, that's why they are my friends!)
So there you are.
Anyway, no winners or runners up - they are ALL...

From our August reviews

Interesting to read something different about this intriguing lady
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Book of the Month AUGUST

a plain simple, and highly enjoyable Regency romance 

- with a little twist of difference

From our JULY Reviews

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Not a read for the faint-hearted. The aftermath of Culloden (April 1746) and this novel reflects the horror and violence suffered by the defeated Scots. There are graphic and explicit scenes, so not a book for a relaxing bedtime read, and being honest, it's a little slow in places but it is a stunning, novel that brought home the reality of what happened in the glens and highlands.

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I've chosen Ruth Downie's novella Prima Facie as my book of the month because the entire series is such delightful fun to read. This is a murder mystery with well-drawn plots and brilliant characters. The bonus of a touch of humour is just right - not overdone or feeling false. I wish we could see these as TV dramas!

From our JUNE Reviews

no runner-up this month because I thoroughly enjoyed 
all four shortlisted books 
which were:
our review
our review
our review

but I have chosen as

my Book of the Month 

I especially enjoyed this novel because 

it gave a different perspective

 to what I thought I knew about Jesse James 

(which, as it turns out, was very little!) 

If only the 'western' genre was always like this novel...!

From our MAY Reviews
runner up reads

I'm recommending these first two novels as Runners Up with the caveat of I know both authors (indeed, both review for Discovering Diamonds!) However as the Book of the Month selections are my own personal choice I have no hesitation in highlighting these two superb reads...

By Force of Circumstance (The Chosen Man Trilogy Book 3)
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but as an independent choice I'm going to pick this one

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My Book of the Month though, is

The First Blast of the Trumpet (John Knox Book 1)

I enjoyed this one, an author new to me
I look forward to reading more of her work!
(note: Penmore Press, for two of the above novels, is now my publisher, but my choice is 
genuine for the content of the novels, not who produced them.)

From our APRIL Reviews          

no runner up for April

From our March Reviews
Book of the Month 
Book of the Month FEBRUARY 
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Chosen because it was an absorbing read about an era that is not often 
tackled by writers. Thoroughly enjoyable. HH.

(No runner-up this month)

Books Reviewed during JANUARY 
runner up

Book of the Month 
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All books selected for Book of the Month

will automatically be short-listed for the
Book of the Year Award to be announced 31st December 2019


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