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Books Reviewed during MAY
 Runner Up  
Thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable:
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Book of the Month Winner
I'm not particularly keen on war stories, especially Hitler, the Third Reich etc - but I do like a good
 'who done it', something a bit different and an easy, enjoyable read (not that brutal murder is 
enjoyable! *laugh*.)  Zugzwang ticked all the boxes, so it is my wining selection for this month.
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I thoroughly enjoyed all novels on my 'shortlisted selection' this month, but I've selected Truly are the Free by Jeffrey K Walker as my runner-up because it was a pleasure to read, and enjoy, something different.

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And my selected Book of the Month is...
Yes - I'm matching our Cover of the Month: a superb book outside and inside! 

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I am starting to  wonder why I decided to do this 'Book of the Month' selection because Discovering Diamonds are receiving so many interesting novels now, it is becoming harder and harder to select those few I want to read (and have time to  read.) 

My personal runner-up choice for this month is Joan Druett's The Money Ship. I have the boxed set and enjoyed this nautical series very much for the nautical accuracy in particular.

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Ruth Downie's latest Medicus Murder Mystery came a very close second because this series is such fun and so absorbing to read.

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For my Book of the Month, however, I agree with our reviewer, Elizabeth St John ... this probably is one of the best WWI stories I have ever read!

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Although a short novella, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Ms St.John is a superb writer, and I think one of the reason this book has stayed with me is because I still haven't made up my mind whether I like the protagonist or not - such a refreshing change to meet a character who has the qualities (or non-qualities) of real, living people. I also enjoy novels that look at characters who apper briefly in other novels, then have the opportunity to strut their stuff on their own stage!
as a close second was Anna Belfrage's latest because it was a treat to read well-researched information regarding a period I know very little about.

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From our January Reviews

Now that we are receiving a substantial amount of novels to review I am finding my reading list also extending (which is a good thing!) I've had some delightful books to select my Book of the Month from - some sad, (the one about Charles Dickens' wife Catherine Dickens : Outside the Magic Circle by Heera Deeta as example. I confess I have never liked Dickens, the man or his works, maybe this is the reason why?) 

Others were exciting or intriguing - all were page-turners but I am obliged to select a 'winner' - except from this month I am also going to have a 'runner-up'.

So my runner-up 
because it made me laugh out loud :

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and the Winner of Book of the Month 

... because I enjoy novels about the 17th Century - and Mr Pepys, and this one was very good...

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All books selected will automatically be short-listed for our 

Book of the Year Award

(to be revealed at the end of December 2018)

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