12 January 2018

A Discovering Diamonds review of Killer of Kings by Matthew Harffy

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Fictional Saga /Military
Saxon England

Bernicia Chronicles Book 4

Continuing this impressive saga, our hero, Beorbrand, now scarred in body and mind, has many memories that haunt his past, but decisions, no matter how hard, have to be made for the future…Is his decision to lead his men to fight the right one? The outcome of battle – whichever way it falls – could bring much grief. Is the duty of honour worth it?

For readers who have been following this absorbing series, Book Four will be a must – it can be read as a stand-alone, but I would suggest starting at the beginning to enjoy the full flavour of these characters, the detail of the period and Harffy’s highly regarded writing skill.

This story contains battle scenes, which if you relish the detail of the upheaval of the Anglo -Saxon world you will enjoy, but might not be suitable for the more ‘sensitive’ readers who shy away from the violence that inevitably comes with war and battles – although Harffy handles these scenes with great skill and sensitivity.

An engaging, richly researched, strong story with vivid, but also flawed, characters which make them one-hundred percent believable.

A definite must for Anglo-Saxon readers who like their heroes to be truly heroic!

© Ellen Hill

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