4 March 2017

KNIGHT of JERUSALEM by Helena P Schrader

Amazon UK £2.92 £10.99
Amazon US $3.64 $15.95
Amazon CA $20.75

Biographical Fiction / adventure / military
12th Century Crusades

Book#1 of a trilogy

Knight of Jerusalem is the story of Balian d’Ibelin, a young man who went on Crusade to Jerusalem in the twelfth century. He is the impoverished son of a baron – which is why he, and many young men like him ‘Took the Cross’. He becomes the servant of a young prince who has been stricken by leprosy – the prince being the future King Baldwin IV. We meet several other noted names along the way in this skilfully written tale of men and war and hopes and desires.

The prose is elegantly and effortlessly written, with the dialogue fitting easily into the period: we get a splendid view of events, of motivations and consequences, all very believable and very well researched. Definitely one of the best novels about these turbulent years of our history.

Forget the Ridley Scott movie starring Orlando Bloom, this is  better.

© Helen Hollick
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