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Adventure / Military / Family Saga
Anglo-Saxon England
The Bernicia Chronicles  Series #2

In the first in the series, The Serpent Sword, we first met Beobrand, a brash young man raised by outlaws and taught the ways of survival by use of a sword.

In this second story, Beobrand is slightly older and he questions his worth as a leader, though his fame as a warrior is spreading. He comes to the attention of Oswald, a king who desires to be king of all England. Having disposed of Cadwallon, Oswald now faces a bigger threat from the rising star that is Penda of Mercia. Peace, for the moment, is imperative but with issues of his own, can Beobrand be trusted to keep his famous temper in check? Or will his desire for revenge lead to all-out war?

Matthew Harffy weaves his words in the same way that Beobrand weaves his unerring sword arm – dangerous and deadly. I wondered whether the author could maintain the standard and soon found my answer – a resounding 'yes'!

The action is unrelenting, battle scenes authentic and, above all, we get a real taste of life for the ordinary folk in the Dark Ages. Nor is the author afraid to make life hard for Beobrand and us, his readers, with the twists and turns of the plot.

There seems to be an upsurge of books covering this or similar periods and on the evidence of Mr Harffy's two examples so far, he is well to the forefront of the pack!

©Richard Tearle  Discovering Diamonds
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  1. I agree with this review whole-heartedly. Mr. Harffy's books have been added to my "will purchase his latest book automatically" list, and not every author gets that distinction in my book-reading life.

    1. Thank you Stephanie - I totrally agree with you!


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